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It Was Good Month On The Net! Let's Go To Mars For A Vacation #DesignFiction

If the numbers regarding online sales from the website prove true, I am prepared to take the entire team to Mars for a vacation. I was just logged into the dashboard and the sales numbers were well into the eight figures for this month, with the defensive costs associated with keeping the website online only being about 43% of that total. Those are some pretty stellar numbers, and worth celebrating as a team.

Last year our defensive costs for DDOS attacks were well into the 70% range--it was a bad year for operating online. Whether it was the result in our investment in machine learning DefenseTech (TM) solutions or the result of effective policing, our defensive costs are down. Surviving online has proven difficult for most businesses in 2027, fortunately, our company has down well enough to afford the required investment in DefenseTech (TM).

It was a hard-won year, but we did it. We are not only part of the .03% of businesses who survive in today's online environment, we are truly finding success. Our team deserves to relax and enjoy their time off, something that is getting more difficult to do on earth. This is why the company will charter a private SpaceX shuttle and take the entire team to Mars for the entire month of August. Confirm your participation, and let us know which family members will be joining us--as space is limited.

Thanks for your hard work and dedication through the dark years, your commitment will be rewarded with an out of this world experience.