Alternate Kin Lane - Nothing Here Is Real (aka Fiction)

The Uber For Surveilance #DesignFiction

As an independent cable contractor, I am always looking for extra ways to make some money. This is why I joined UberWatch, which allows me to pick up extra surveillance jobs in the areas I'm already working in. All I do when I am on my regular jobs, is to turn on the app, and it will let me know if there are open surveillance jobs in the area available to me, I either decline or accept as they come in.

Many jobs I get are just asking if there is a car parked in the driveway or on street, while others are looking to monitoring a house for an hour or two. There are many different types of surveillance emerging, and through my UberWatch application, I can personalize which types of jobs I want to receive--the more you specialize, the more you can potentially make on a per job basis. 

I've just reached my one year anniversary with the company, and with a very high trust ranking, I am now given access to a whole new world of jobs, and I'm able to even take jobs out of my regular area, while on vacation or as part of travel for work. I am hoping to use UberWatch to become a full-time investigator and quit my regular job. I enjoy keeping an eye on people, studying and watching their habits for the highest bidder.