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The Cost Of Expanding Your Botnet With Free IoT Device Giveaway #DesignFiction

We can get the price down to around $8.00 USD per device, allowing you to reduce the cost of building your Botnet out significantly. When you give away a free Internet of Things device out for free at local events like flea markets, fairs, and other local gatherings, we see an average of 65% connectivity rate--nearly twice what we saw with USB devices in the past.

Once connected each device will phone home for instructions, and check back each hour until any detailed targets and intents have been provided. For two dollar more, we can ensure each device can also be activated and connected locally via wifi, not needing a direct Internet connection. We find that we can achieve another 20% in device activations by flying through neighborhoods with an activation drone.

If we can get your order in by the end of the week, and it is over 10K units, we can even take another $1.00 USD off the price, further reducing your costs to deploy. Make sure and ask your sales person about our local organizations that are hungry for these types of giveaways, providing ready to go, on the ground deployment opportunities on a regular basis. You will need to operate in one of the gold or silver tiers before you can take advantage of these opportunities, but from time to time we have introductory offers if you stay connected.

Don't wait to invest in your network, you know your competitors are building their's out as we speak.