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72 Hours Of DDoS Attack Is Optimal For Softening Target Before Physical Entry #DesignFiction

Our numbers show that almost any company will lower their physical defenses in response to an online DDOS attack on their infrastructure. After delivering over 12K successful campaigns we began to test physical entry capabilities, and after delivering another 10K attacks, we found the most lucrative opportunity is not through the digital front door, but the physical front door.

We aren't suggesting going in and physically taking anything from the location. Our recommendations is a service call for an existing printer, security camera, or other device that lives on the internal network. After a sustained attack, by the 3rd day physical security tends to relax, as everyone is in a state of focus on the sustained denial of service attack targeting virtual infrastructure. Printers, cameras, and other equipment can be replaced without anyone noticing, setting the stage for a frictionless attack from the inside-out.

If you'd prefer, we can do the much lower cost drone fly by, as drone defense systems are usually compromised in the face of a DDOS attack. A drone fly by can usually find an open network, a network that can be penetrated, or an individual device that can be compromised. DDOS plus drone fly by is providing to the best way to yield results when it comes to a digital / physical combo attack. 

Let me know which direction you'd like to take, and will get your campaigns setup immediately.