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This Is Fiction!

Our Bot Army Will Deliver On All The Data Points You Will Need To Get Your Next Round Of Investment #DesignFiction

Think of it like racing in the Tour de France. You will never even be able to compete, if you aren't juicing. In the current high speed, extremely competitive technology investment landscape, you have to possess the right numbers, and be sending the right signals, or you are done. I don't care how good your product is, or how much revenue potential you have, if you aren't delivering numbers that are on par with other investments in their portfolio, VC's will never even look twice. 

Whether its traffic, new signups, active users, Twitter, Github, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Slack, we can make sure you have the activity you need. Because our bot armies also work in the service of top technology and investment related blogs, we have credit built up with writers already publishing in the regions, and business sectors you will need stories told. Our bots will create and amplify the conversation you will need around your startup, helping you grow your presence in real-time.

We have bot personas who have embedded themselves within key communities, and at first glance will look like they work for specific companies. The big difference between other bots and ours, is that ours have a budget, and can actually become paying customers, with the promise of significant contracts, and up-sell at just the right time. We even having investor bots that can increase the chatter around the acquisition, and interest in your technology, startup, and the talent possess on your team.

You cannot do this alone. Without the right numbers, setting the proper tone, and putting out the right signals out there, you will never get to your next round. Let our experienced team craft the right strategy for your startup, and direct our drone army to work for you. You have one opportunity to do this right, do not take any shortcuts. Let us help deliver your next round of investment, by making sure you deliver on the the numbers you need, and the signals your new investors are looking for.