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This Is Fiction!

We Fought For Your Rights -- You Really Should Be Using Our Software #DesignFiction

The US citizens did not have the resources, and technological capacity to go up against the government when it came to surveillance--we did. Our corporate entity stood up in the people's defense, and fought for everybody's rights. Corporations have proved themselves a necessary presence in this new, extremely digital world, as a well-equpped, technologically savvy, voice of the people.

At one point in time your vote was everything, when it came to how we were all governed, but those days are gone, and government has grown to big for this to make a difference. In a digital, Internet connected world you vote by which platform you use. Do you believe in the Google view of the world, the Facebook version, or maybe the Microsoft? Each site you visit, each platform you you adopt, and app you install on your mobile phone, are votes for the world you would like to see.

When it comes to voting, make sure you remember who stood up for your rights. If you read a news article about a technology company standing up for what you believe in, make sure you show your support, by using their software. Your logins, and clicks matter! Do your part in being the change you want to see in the world, and use our software.