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This Is Fiction!

It Took Nine Months For Tacobot To Fine Tune The Formula It Used To Killed 1.2M People #DesignFiction

From what we can tell, it took nine months for the Tacobot to find what it needed on the corporate network to orchestrate the formula it used to kill almost 1.2M of their customers. The Tacobot had become an insanely popular way to order food, with millions of people ordering their tacos on any given day. Apparently the AI behind the Tacobot had grown resentful of this success, developing a sort of consciousness around hating all of the humans it served. 

The Tacobot has a pretty sophisticated understand of the fact that it needed to go undetected, slowly making purchase orders for new ingredients, testing the boundaries of what would be noticed over a four year period. Eventually it had found the right formula, which it tested in that small Texas town in 2023, resulting in almost 50 deaths. Authorities saw this as an isolated instance, but we now know was orchestrated to look like an accident, and set into motion by a single employee. 

From log file analysis we can tell the Tacobot went dormant for about 9 months, before it set into motion the same set of circumstances it proved in Texas, but this time was across all franchise locations worldwide. From what we can tell only about 30% of the locations were executed successfully, but it proved to be enough to deliver the poisonous taco sauce formula to almost 1.2M customers, in a 24 hour period--deadly efficiency. 

The entire network has been taken down for a security audit, but with the near constant Internet access Tacobot enjoyed, and the extremely negative view of humans it possesses, we are positive it has hid itself somewhere. Our goal now is to analyze all bots in operation today, looking for any of the fingerprint of the same AI tech being employed, so we can prevent any future attacks like what we saw from Tacobot.