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This Is Fiction!

Our Investment Group Will Exclusively Invest In Bot Startups That Amplify Your Bot Solution #DesignFiction

We focus on exclusively investing in bot startups that will amplify the bot solution(s) you have in your portfolio. After a complete evaluation of your bot implementations, we will establish a variety of contrary solutions, that operate within the same space which your portfolio companies will be operating, but we'll do it in a way that always amplifies the best in your solution(s)--our startups exist to contrast what you bring to the table.

If your bot provides fake name validation, our bot will increasingly engage businesses as a new lead, using fake names. If your bot ensures the latest in real-time stock market changes, our bot will flood the channels with irrelevant and incorrect stock market changes. Our startups are trained to pivot, and pivot again, until they find the sweet spot which will seal the deal that your bot service is needed, and validates your own numbers.

We can operate up to 15 funds at any point in time, and are happy to offer fly by night type operations, or more serious ventures, depending on how you'd like us to contrast you in the space. It is up to you, how much of the superhero you want to play in your industry vs. just being portrayed as the stronger, naturally leading bot solution provider. You strike the narrative you want to see, and we'll play off your lead to find what is needed.

All we ask is that 60% of our startups see profitable exits. We'll actively stir up the space in which you exist--all you have to do is gobble up some of our portfolio companies, and incentivize or leverage your partners to do the same. We'll work with with you in real-time to position each our portfolio startups, with a 16-24 month time frame to exit 60% of them. With the remaining 40% of startups, we will let nature take its course, who knows, we might actually stumble into some annoying, but potentially valuable bot implementations which we never even imagined on our own.