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This Is Fiction!

With Apple's Stop Camera Technology The Police Do Not Worry About Bystander Video Footage Anymore #DesignFiction

We don’t worry about cell phone bystanders recording our activities like we have in the past. Thanks to Apple's patent backed mobile phone technology, which started as just a feature on the iPhone, but has spread to all cell phones, we do not worry about bystanders recording our work on the streets.

It started out as technology to stop the average cell phone user from recording live concerts, protecting the interests of the music industry, but we quickly appropriated the technology for use across the police force worldwide. All it took was one court case where a video was proven to infringe on the rights of an officer, and stopped a crime from happening, and we gain the legal access to the technology.

All police now have the capability to turn off cameras of any cell phone within a specific radius where they are operating. All cell phone cameras are deactivated immediately, giving police full control over any video from the scene. Historically the average citizen was our biggest concern when it came to monitoring what we do—a concern that does not exist, thanks to technology!