These are just my fictional explorations and really do not have any bearing on reality, but if you feel inclined to reach out about anything I have written–feel free.

  • Twitter - Your best bet for quick engagement is via Twitter. If you see me online, hit me up, I’ll usually respond when available.

  • Github - My entire network runs on Github, use the issue management for any of my sites–here is the repo for API Evangelist.

  • Do Something Interesting - Do something interesting, and get the word out via your blog, Twitter, or Github, and I’ll notice, and probably reach out.

  • Email - I try to work through my email, but I get more than I can process. I do my best, but email isn’t always the most efficient.

If you are writing your own stories I’d love to ready some of it. Feel free to share your stories with me and I’ll weave it into my regular reading and storytelling.