About Alternate Kin Lane

I do a lot of storytelling. Mostly abou tAPIs, and my personal ramblings on the world of technology. Ocasionally I have ideas that are out there and have no basis in realitiy. This is when I change the blog channel and write fictional pieces here on Alternate Kin Lane, pushing my storytelling and hopefully the technology landscape into new territory.

Honestly, during the Trump administration I had lost my energy for fictional storytelling. With all the fake news, and my own struggles with what was happening, I just couldn’t find my voice in this alternate realm. I am slowly getting my mojo back in this area, and you will find more stories from me in the future. Thinking about fictional things helps me keep my reality balanced.

Most of these stories are just adhoc stories and characters I make up during the day, but I am increasingly finding that I revisit some of these stories and characters, and who knows, maybe some things will grow into a much larger narrative. My goal with this site is to just provide a relief valabe for my creativity and imagination, which will help me be more successful in my storytelling as part of my regular work day.