Misogyny, Class, Privilege, And Acceptance Of Exploitation Goes Real-Time #DesignFiction

One of the more darker sides of the Internet has gone real-time. Hacker News (HN) which is known for being a extremely valuable source of information on the tech industry, while also being the poster child for misogyny, class, privilege, and the acceptance of exploitation on the Internet, has launched a new API, complete with real-time features.

The move by the bullhorn for the vulture capital firm YCombinator demonstrates the shift of the ideology from the very scary, and threatening, but virtualized sexism, class, privilege, and exploitation that is occurring across the Internet, to being closer to the more in your face version of sexism, class, privilege, and exploitation that everyone already experiences offline—bringing things back home again.

In the old days when you wanted to escape sexism, class, privilege, and exploitation in the physical world, you retreated to your home (if you have one). In the Internet age when you encountered sexism, class, privilege, and exploitation online, you logged off, and enjoyed the privacy of your home. With the new HN real-time API sexism, class, privilege, and exploitation can be amplified to levels to which you cannot escape. With the new real-time feed you can be sure the HN bullhorn will now be syndicated across other channels like TV, Radio, Newspaper, and the water cooler chatter at work.

The best part of today's release is that the HN community are celebrating the release as a success. Showcasing the savviness of their technological god HN, and their awareness the importance of having an API. When in reality its been years since HN first launched from the heart of Silicon Valley, and there has been no official move to launch an API. Only when an API supports the selfish needs of HN, do they consider launching an API. It wasn’t the community that triggered the API launch, it was to continue to take the exploitation of the community, and the wider online community to the next level--amplifying the HN digital bullhorn.

Thank god technology is pure of ideology and in reality we can celebrate the release of the HN API, from one of the most celebrated vulture capital firms in the world, and the most powerful communities of tech leaders. Remember there is no denying all of this, it all moves forward because of a greater good, one that goes beyond what you want, so just accept the HN release for what it is.