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The GraphQL Book Query Language (GQLBQL)

GQBQL is the new reading! Are you tired of hour after hour, and day after day of having to read books? All that wasted time reading words. Well, the GraphQL Book Query Language (GQLBQL) is for you. It is the fastest way to distill down any book and get exactly what you want without having to waste your time reading it. GQLBQL give you single URL that allows you to submit a query and get the version of the book you want, returning only the words, sentences, and paragraphs you desire, saving you time and energy.

When it comes to learning about GraphQL you really only need to know what you’ll use. There is not reason for you to learn and understand everything there is about GraphQL. You are smart, and we understand there is no reason to waste your time. To put GQLBQL to work, all you need to do is craft a query dictating which words, sentences and paragraphs you wish to return. You can submit the query as part of the URL, or you can submit as part of the body of your API request. Then you will receive only the portions of the book you wish to receive, generate a distilled down version of the book personalized to your needs.

Reading an entire book is so 20th century, and GQLBQL is the new reading. A much more efficient approach to reading a book. We’ve optimized GQLBQL to be super fast no matter how much or little of the content you want to receive. Allowing you to optimize your GraphQL book consumption experience, forcing the author to get out of your way, and make sure their book delivers only the content you desire. In the 21st century we don’t have the time to waste on reading entire books, and GQLBQL will replace reading within the next five years, making it the fastest growing knowledge consumption engine that professionals are adopting.

We are currently working on adapting GQLBQL to work with ALL books, but it only works with GraphQL books right now. Version 2.0 of GQLBQL will also allow for you to transform and change content after you receive it, submitting content back to the author, letting them know they are wrong, and your version is actually the correct way of doing things. In 2018, there is no reason you have to be exposed to ideas and knowledge that you do not need, or agree. Having your time wasted with incorrect and irrelevant information will soon be a thing of the past. Download your copy of GQLBQL today, and get to work consuming the latest GraphQL books on the market today.