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Grand Theft Uber

We launched new game this week called Grand Theft Uber, where you get to drive around over 25 cities across the globe, playing Uber in a variety of different game modes. When you first download the game you are in the default game level, and it increases in complexity as you ascend (or descend) into different levels, depending on your role.

  • Default White Guy - The easiest, entry level for the game is a white guy, helping you get your bearings without any concerns.
  • Woman - Drive around the city as a woman and better understand the amazing level of personalization women receive daily.
  • Person Of Color - Play the game as a person of color--I would say driving, but I still haven't been able to get a ride on this level.
  • Regulator - This is where the game get's interesting, and you start seeing the movie magic of the Uber algorithm.
  • Law Enforcement - As law enforcement you start unlocking new tools, allowing you to combat some of the smoke & mirrors of the Uber universe.
  • Uber Driver - Enjoy driving people around the city by day, and sleeping in your car by night--if you are lucky you'll get someone interesting riding in your car.
  • Uber Manager - This is where you start unlocking new expansion packs, operating in more hostile cities, and even getting the chance to break into new markets.
  • Uber Engineer - It isn't quite god status in the Uber universe, but pretty close to it, unlocking a pretty powerful view of the Uber universe.

If you buy the premium version of the game this week, you also get a couple of bonus game levels including Travis Kalanick (Uber's CEO), and famous people like Mark Cuban, Kanye West, and other surprises. Download the game here, and begin experiencing the many different levels of the Uber universe, giving you a better understanding how technological personalization is impacting our lives.