Alternate Kin Lane - Nothing Here Is Real (aka Fiction)

Patent Storytelling #DesignFiction

I am a patent storyteller. I craft and file patents that are in the speculative, moonshot, design fiction, science fiction, and storyteller categories. These patents aren't mean to describe an actual product line. They are purely intended to boost the profile of our client company's patent catalog and get people talking about them.

Back in 2005, I was working as a patent attorney, and I noticed the unrealistic nature of the patents I was being hired to write. What really defined the shift for me was that US Patent Office was actually accepting and approving these wildly unrealistic, often comprehensive and abstract filings. It was the gold rush for filing technology patents, and building your company's portfollio before anything changed--a decade later, nothing has changed.

Along the way I decide to offer my clients an enhanced, more creative edition of my services that I am calling "patent storytelling". While patents are still filed, become real, tangible intellectual property, the intent behind them is all about stimulating the imagination of tech bloggers and journalists who pay attention to the patent catalogs of leading companies. The marketing value of these patent stories far exceeds any cost associated with the crafting and filing of these legal documents.

We live in a magical time. The Internet is an amazing virtual world where anything is possible. While we do keep our storytelling somewhat in alignment with a customer's product roadmap, we specialize in telling stories that give the media and blogosphere the compelling stories they want to tell, providing them with the entertainment their readers demand. While stimulating the imagination of the media, and potentially the new and existing customers, patent storytelling has the best impact on the competitors of the companies we work for, making them work much harder to understand where a company might be headed.

I can't identify specific pieces we've produced, but our clients include 80% of fortune 500 companies, and all of the leading tech companies you know and trust. I will let you look through their patent catalogs, and decide with filings are patent storytelling, and which ones are not on your own