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This Is Fiction!

At Each Disaster, Wireless Infrastructure Will Be Deployed In Minutes Using Drone Swarm Tech #DesignFiction

In 2023 every city in the United States has emergency wireless Internet drone fleet for deployment in the event of a disaster. The Internet was declared a  right a couple of years back, opening up a flood of new funding for cities, counties, and states when it comes to their financing their drone fleets.

It is now commonplace that within minutes of a disaster occurring, for swarms of Internet wifi broadcasting drones to be deployed, where they are needed. Access to the wifi connections is prioritized for emergency responders, but a certain amount of spectrum is made available for citizens to connect to the Internet and stay in touch with family, as well as receive official information and updates.

The first wave of drones deployed on scene are for communications. It is the priority to make sure first responders can do their jobs, and the communication lines are always open for citizens. The second wave of drones sent in are for designed for bringing supplies like water, medicine, and food by a freight class of drone--a much sturdier version of drone, than the communication ones.

It will be your job to write the software that evaluates data from 100 of the most recent disasters and discover where there has been any breakdown that resulted in deployment delays, or any failures in network coverage. Our goal is to ensure that for every emergency situation the wireless internet infrastructure is always in place within minutes, using the latest swarm drone hardware and software.