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Increasing Number Of Backup Connection In Queue To Ten For Reliable Drone Radio Redundancy #DesignFiction

Our company policy is to not fly our drone fleet into any area where we cannot have at least five backup connections in the queue at any one time. Our patented drone radio redundancy platform continuously scans the landscape looking for viable wifi connections, and will actively work to have a minimum of five connections queued up to act as relays. Of course, the drone will always be looking for active connections, and validating them for use at a later time or date.   

Due to an increase in the drone crashes across the fleet, we are recommending double the connection queue limit. The number one reason for drone crashes is loss of signal, and having up to 10 active backup connections is considered the best possible scenario.  The drone RC redundancy software handle the scaling up and down, allowing you to tap into as many connections as you need for optimal drone activity in a variety of industries and conditions.

Wifi redundancy has proven to be the cheapest and most reliable way to fly your drones anywhere in urban, and suburban landscapes. 3,4, and 5G options are also available, but will require additional hardware, and software upgrades. Light post charging stations have increased our drone power range, and now radio control redundancy has done the same for the radio signal for any drone fleet. We are able to reduce our drone loss to radio signal from 12% to 2%, by doubling the number of connections in the queue to 10.

Don't just rely on the local range of 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz, with our software based relay solution you can connect to your drone via any 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz wifi hotspot, and control it anywhere you need.