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This Is Fiction!

We Own The Intelligent Drone Landing Gear Market #DesignFiction

We brought programmatic control and intelligence to the drone landing gear market. Before we entered the space with our intelligent landing gear™, it was just about extending, and augmenting the gear with static add-ons.

We made our big entrance into the sector with our street lamp charging gear, allowing drone fleets to grab onto existing pole infrastructure, and safely connect to electric charging stations. After consolidating with our biggest competitor DroneGear, we took their line of Smart Drone Delivery Gear™ to the next level.

Intelligent controls at the landing gear level have added another dimension to the programmable drone stack. A modern drone has intelligence built into the flight controller, camera, power, and landing gear levels. Drone landing gear has gone beyond its original purpose, and multi-function drone landing gear is essential no matter what industry you are operating in.

When it comes to Intelligent Drone Landing Gear ™, we are your choice--let us know how we can help.