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This Is Fiction!

The Latest Pokemon Craze Has Exceeded Our Expectations When It Came To Photos Of Critical Infrastructure #DesignFiction

There are numerous competing objectives at play within the latest Pokemon craze. One area that has exceeded our expectations is the number of photos we were able to gather of critical infrastructure within the United States. Satellite photos have definitely transformed how we monitor their critical infrastructure, but we have historically had problems with close-up, on the ground intelligence--Pokemon Go has changed this forever.

We are still processing all of the incoming photos that match the infrastructure targets we are currently profiling, but our estimates point to 100% target fulfillment. Once we are finished processing this round of image we will be able to produce a list of suggested coordinates for the next wave of Pokemon characters. Make sure you upload the .kml files for your target locations before midnight, so that your requests can be included in the next phase. Remember, the more detail you provide, the more we can position gamers to get exactly the picture you need of the infrastructure target.

There has been some concern about the Pokemon GO craze fading, which is something we are not seeing on the ground, but even if it does we have a queue of 20+ other games that we can launch to meet and hopefully continue to exceed our infrastructure intelligence gathering needs in country. Gaming is continuing to be the major producer of intelligence in 2016, and we do not see this changing anytime soon.