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The Facial Recognition Network Has Exposed That There Are Only So Many Souls to Go Around

At about 60% global coverage for facial recognition network is where we began to suspect there was something else going on. However, it was until about 90% global coverage were we able to verify that some people are in fact the same people, cloned souls, or however you want to put it. It began with an increase in the number of mistaken identity cases, and then it became visible at scale once there was a global incarceration network, and we began sending facial recognition matches to the same facility.

At first the system didn’t notice anything was wrong. The cameras would capture the video, the facial recognition software would identify the faces, the police would pick them up, and the global routing mechanism would route them to a specific location based upon their crime(s). It was when we started shipping everyone to the same location, after the global crime treaties were enforced, and we started globally arresting people based upon facial recognition as well as centrally shipping them based upon artificial intelligence pattern mapping we realized we were arresting essentially the same person over and over around the globe. We then began to ship the same person to the same location, resulting in sometimes upwards of 12 or 15 individuals who were essentially the exact same individual-—with just a few minor differences based upon where they were born and the environment they grew up in.

Honestly, we aren’t quite sure what to do with this information. If someone commits a crime, or is targeted for potentially committing a crime in accordance with some of the new predictive algorithms, should that information be used to bring in their duplicates? Are they the same person? They look and act the same. They often have the same fingerprints and other biometric data. There are studies being conducted on the first couple of waves of individuals who have come in to better understand what is going on. We don’t want to consider this a mistake if for some reason each of the clones have the potential to also commit crimes. We definitely don’t want a massive public relations nightmare regarding the usefulness of global facial recognition systems—we just got everything installed and working properly after years of challenges. For now, we’ll just keep this under wraps, continue processing people, and we will decide what we’ll do down the road when we know more.

It really is kind of creepy when you go to one of the detention facilities. A bunch of clones are just crammed into the same room. The system doesn’t recognize them as separate entities, so there isn’t additional resources provided to house and feed them–we have to put them all in the same place for now. There is an additional concern also emerging within these environments, as the individuals seem to be getting to know each other very well, and seem to be developing a very strong bond. Resulting in some pretty disturbing gang like behavior with some of the groups. We are hoping that more of the studies into what this is all about will reveal more about how similar these individuals are, and collectively what they are capable of. Right now these clusters of individuals exist across many different facilities, completely unaware of each other. However, we’ve had reports in twelve locations that clusters are become aware of each other, and suspicion of a wider conspiracy is growing.

I remember coming across people in my travels who seem just like people I knew from where I grew up, but this takes things to a pretty spooky level. It feels like some sort of organic glitch in the matrix, or maybe god just isn’t as imaginative as everyone thinks he is. Or maybe all of this is just some sort of god damn simulation or video game. I don’t know. Anyways, I have been put in charge of tracking this phenomenon across the global network. After three months of documenting what is going on it feels like there are just so many souls to go around, and at some point Mother Nature just began copying and pasting people, running out of unique patterns for what a human is. I don’t believe in God so this is all is just some weird organic anomaly to me, or as a I said a glitch in the matrix. My biggest concern is that not all of these individuals are actually guilty, and the legal repercussions of all of this down he road could prove to be big enough to bring the whole agency and network to its knees. Only time will tell. I’ll keep you posted on what I find.