Alternate Kin Lane - Nothing Here Is Real (aka Fiction)

The Rogue Tech Employee Training Academy

Not everyone has the guts to be honest about what the future will hold. Not everyone in this country has a bright future, and some are better off burning out instead of facing the dark future that is in store for them. The individuals who are attracted to drugs at this moment in time are the same individuals who will cost society money down the road when it comes to prison, healthcare, other services. Preemptive, phased in, slow build executions are the most logical, and efficient way to deal with the growing cost of non-compliant citizens.

It is cheaper to produce Fentanyl, sell it on the underground, and address the underbelly of our society, than it is to clean up the aftermath and realize the full cost of these individuals life-long burden to our society. We consider ourselves the honorable, early stage executioners carrying out what society only will always put off. Doing the hard work to truly make our country a better place. Unfortunately, the country still views what we do as illegal, and immoral, forcing us to operate in the shadows. However, we feel strongly that we will be viewed as heroes when the time is right, after we’ve successfully cured our world of the illness and weakness that exists at the moment.

Some states have experimented with Fentanyl as a execution drug, demonstrating that we are just ahead of our time. By putting Fentanyl on the black market, we are only using the darker organic forces that already exist in our world to expedite the arrest, incarceration, trial, and costly execution process. Not to mention the high cost society has to bear as this illness winds its way through our society. People who live within these shadowy black markets of our society are ill, and they will only continue to grow sicker. We are only expediting the pace of the illness, while alleviating the pain of these individuals, and relieving the burden their families carry. Organic, localized, self-induced, and preemptive executions reflect what will still happen in the future, but is something that allows us to be more honest about this reality in the present.

This type of honesty is hard to come by in today’s landscape. However, within 2-3 generations the results of this honesty will become evident. We’ve done the math on how many cycles we will need to eliminate this illness from our society, based upon our 2010-2020 trial period. The results of our organic distribution, and preemptive executions of some of the most troubled among us has exceeded our expectations. We’ve achieve 300% of our target goals, within almost 95% accuracy when it came to the geographic and class demographics identified in our research. We are going to scale up our efforts over the next decade, reaching all 50 states, and by 2030 we hope to have achieved 60% of our objective, and by 2040 we should have properly cleansed society, leaving only the strongest and healthiest citizens–forever changing the makeup of this fine nation, and preparing us for the future.