Alternate Kin Lane - Nothing Here Is Real (aka Fiction)

The Invasion Began In The 19th Century With Early Radio Waves #DesignFiction

From what we now know, the invasion began in the early 20th century, with early signals sent to our invaders via experimentation in radio waves in the mid 19th century. Early forms of communication did not draw their attention like the signals we sent by radio, television, telephone, the Internet, and cellular technology. Each wave of technology matched the accompanying wave of the invasion, with our adoption of these innovations laying the groundwork of our own demise.

While radio and television demonstrated that we were a society worth invading, it wasn't until the Internet age, that the full-scale invasion began, leaving no place on earth out of reach from the invading force. Within 50 years of the Internet being unleashed on the world, all humanity was under the full control of our invading species. Because we led our own invasion, we did not see our invaders, they looked like us, spoke like we did, and desired the same things we desired. We attacked each other, in the service of our invaders, and we called in cyber warfare.

There were warnings all along the way, that technology was bad, and we ignored all the signs. We told stories in books, music, and movies, all of which became distractions, numbing us from being able to actually see our invading force. With capitalism as a vehicle, we reduced everyone and everything to a transaction. Each thought, message, idea, emotion became a commodity and fuel for the invading force. We swapped out our DNA for blockchain command and control, building our own prison, and walking in when our invaders commanded.