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Complete RF Scanning Coverage Where You Need Using Drones #DesignFiction

Our fleets of drone deployed radio frequency (RF) spectrum scanners can be deployed as a cohesive mesh, producing 100% scanning coverage wherever you need them--within an hour. Each drone logs everything. All signals are recorded and synced with the cloud in real-time, where our systems get to work identifying devices, and matching with existing intelligence. 

Depending on your intelligence data subscription you should have access to all updates within minutes of the data coming in from the drones. Each drone fleet will establish the mesh coverage needed, based upon the KML file we upload. If we need to expand in the region at any point, additional drones will be deployed in real-time and fill in any gaps--immediately reporting all signals found.

Our RF scanning fleets do not allow for any decision-making capabilities, that is up to your systems--we just provide the data. RF scanning drones are specialized--they do one thing well. They track on all available RF signals available in the area we tell them to, that is all they are capable of doing. If you need more information on other types of specialized drone fleets we offer, or data enabled decision-making solutions, let me know, and I'll get the required information you desire.