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My Job Is To Track On The Medical Devices Of Senators #DesignFiction

My full-time job is to keep track of the medical devices that members of the senate depend on. Specifically, the Internet-connected or network enabled devices that they use on a regular basis. I have a counterpart who works in service of the members of congress, and a separate one in charge of the White House--wee all share notes and reduce the amount of overlap in our efforts.

The first task at hand is to know the top products that are in place when it comes to the common ailments our senate leadership faces. Knowing the equipment they use is important, but knowing of the best product available is more important, so I can advise on sensible product decisions when new treatments are advised by doctors. All senators are required to consult with my office on all health care decisions--we still have the occasional rogue senator, but for the most part, they are all in compliance.

The second part of my work is focused on paying attention to all claims of healthcare devices having security vulnerabilities. I work to validate them as soon as they come in and identify the senators in which these vulnerabilities will impact. Once we have a compromised device we work to mitigate the risk by switching out the device if possible or keeping them on a limited access plan until proper updates, and patches can be applied. A big part of this is often asking journalists to leave out details of a senator's health, or details on the specific device they use.

More senators are using connected healthcare devices, especially amongst the elder ones. More devices are being connected to a network and the Internet. Making my job increasingly difficult. Information sharing is critical to what I do, but it has to be done in a thoughtful way, otherwise I'm just making senators a target. It all keeps me on my toes, but it is a worthy job and helps keep our country's leaders safe, as the Internet continues to make our world both safer and more dangerous, all in the same motion.