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This Is Fiction!

Join Your Local Stringray Cell Tower Befuddle Brigade #DesignFiction

If you want to join your local area's stingray cell tower befuddle brigade all you have to do is have your own (secondary) iPhone or Android device, and you can download the appropriate mobile image for your device via the websites downloads page. While we do not track your user agent or IP address, we recommend using TOR when you visit website and download anything. In some markets, you can visit your local brigades weekly meeting location, and get a USB version of the mobile device image and get assistance from a qualified representative.

One you are up and running, all you do is leave your secondary device on as you go about your regular daily routine. Your device will automatically identify stingray cell towers in your area, and begin to work overtime to generate fake data, messages, and other traffic to flood the cell towers with misinformation. The more local users we can light up, the more data we can send through these unlawful cell towers, making their work much harder and costly.

The goal is to completely overwhelm the cell towers, but at the very least we want to make sure they have to wade through terabytes of meaningless fake data that they cannot separate from real world data. We want to increase their workloads, and make it too costly to continue, and eventually bring their illegal work out of the shadows when it comes to police operations budgets.

Thank you for your service. We hope some day this will not be necessary, and local police forces will have to use lawful ways to obtain search warrants, and work with mobile network providers to get access to criminal's data--not blank sweeping up of all of our information. Until then, we will work overtime swell our brigade ranks to flood and befuddle these rogue stingray cell towers that are violating the civil rights of all citizens.