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Our Most Effective Areas Of Cyberwarfare Right Now Are In Gaming And Internet Of Things #DesignFiction

We have thousands of cyber operations running within the United States at any moment. We measure the effectiveness of these operations in real time, and by far, the two most successful areas for infiltration, gathering intelligence, and inflicting damage are in the areas of gaming and the fast-growing Internet of Things universe.

The amount of intelligence we are gathering from consumer drone operators in the United States is astounding--we are hardly able to keep up with the amount of mapping and video data we have gathered. Obviously, we are focusing on information gathered from existing high-value targets, but we are saving it all, as we never fully grasp what will add value to future operations.

After drones, mobile gaming, augmented reality, and virtual reality has proven to be an equally rich world of infiltration into the everyday lives of citizens, business, and government users across the country. The best part of this is that we can develop entirely new games that direct legions of users as if they were zombies to do the work we need. If we need a swarm of operatives across New York City all we have to do is issue a new challenge to any one of the hundreds of active games we have operating.

The best part of this area of tech, is the appetite for gaming and Internet-connected devices in the United States seems to be endless. The US market is perfectly setup for endless waves of new operations masked as the latest technology, with millions of eager Americans just waiting to help us achieve our mission objectives. It is truly a new age of warfare, one where the soldiers in play are often unaware they are being used to attack their targets, and our enemies can't always see an attack coming from within their own ranks.