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The Latest Pokemon Craze Has Exceeded Our Expectations When It Came To Photos Of Critical Infrastructure #DesignFiction

There are numerous competing objectives at play within the latest Pokemon craze. One area that has exceeded our expectations is the number of photos we were able to gather of critical infrastructure within the United States. Satellite photos have definitely transformed how we monitor their critical infrastructure, but we have historically had problems with close-up, on the ground intelligence--Pokemon Go has changed this forever.

We are still processing all of the incoming photos that match the infrastructure targets we are currently profiling, but our estimates point to 100% target fulfillment. Once we are finished processing this round of image we will be able to produce a list of suggested coordinates for the next wave of Pokemon characters. Make sure you upload the .kml files for your target locations before midnight, so that your requests can be included in the next phase. Remember, the more detail you provide, the more we can position gamers to get exactly the picture you need of the infrastructure target.

There has been some concern about the Pokemon GO craze fading, which is something we are not seeing on the ground, but even if it does we have a queue of 20+ other games that we can launch to meet and hopefully continue to exceed our infrastructure intelligence gathering needs in country. Gaming is continuing to be the major producer of intelligence in 2016, and we do not see this changing anytime soon.

Moving Cellular Towers In Real Time Response To Where Cellular Customers Are #DesignFiction

The age of the mountain top and building cellular tower is coming to a close. Our real-time cellar drone algorithm is now in active use in over 3300 telco fleets around the globe. After studying the daily activity of over 100 million cellular customers were able to assemble a reliable algorithm that would guide fleets of cellular network drones to where they are most needed in real time. 

It just didn't make sense to have cellular network towers be stationary anymore when our mobile users are well...mobile. We needed our cellular network to move, expand, and grow along with our user base. Thanks to advances in drone technology our network of thousands of drones deploy, hover, migrate, and return home in real time response to demands.

Our initial implementations were all successful due to the hard work, and quality of our algorithm, but with the data we are now receiving from the 3000 drone fleets around the globe, our new Swarm Tower (TM) technology is insanely precise. Rarely do we ever see a network overload or a mobile customer who cannot get the bandwidth (they are willing to pay for) they need at any given moment.

What has really surprised us is the use of the network beyond mobile. Early on 90% of the network connections were consumer and business smartphone devices, where now over 60% of the network capacity being other consumer, commercial and industrial devices. Expanding our mobile networks to meet this demand would never have been possible using traditional cell tower technology.

If you are as excited about Swarm Tower technology as we are, you will be interested in our Q2 announcements around secondary drone activities while they are supporting cellular network activity -- things like surveillance, weather, and other common activities.

With Apple's Stop Camera Technology The Police Do Not Worry About Bystander Video Footage Anymore #DesignFiction

We don’t worry about cell phone bystanders recording our activities like we have in the past. Thanks to Apple's patent backed mobile phone technology, which started as just a feature on the iPhone, but has spread to all cell phones, we do not worry about bystanders recording our work on the streets.

It started out as technology to stop the average cell phone user from recording live concerts, protecting the interests of the music industry, but we quickly appropriated the technology for use across the police force worldwide. All it took was one court case where a video was proven to infringe on the rights of an officer, and stopped a crime from happening, and we gain the legal access to the technology.

All police now have the capability to turn off cameras of any cell phone within a specific radius where they are operating. All cell phone cameras are deactivated immediately, giving police full control over any video from the scene. Historically the average citizen was our biggest concern when it came to monitoring what we do—a concern that does not exist, thanks to technology!

Our Bot Army Will Deliver On All The Data Points You Will Need To Get Your Next Round Of Investment #DesignFiction

Think of it like racing in the Tour de France. You will never even be able to compete, if you aren't juicing. In the current high speed, extremely competitive technology investment landscape, you have to possess the right numbers, and be sending the right signals, or you are done. I don't care how good your product is, or how much revenue potential you have, if you aren't delivering numbers that are on par with other investments in their portfolio, VC's will never even look twice. 

Whether its traffic, new signups, active users, Twitter, Github, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Slack, we can make sure you have the activity you need. Because our bot armies also work in the service of top technology and investment related blogs, we have credit built up with writers already publishing in the regions, and business sectors you will need stories told. Our bots will create and amplify the conversation you will need around your startup, helping you grow your presence in real-time.

We have bot personas who have embedded themselves within key communities, and at first glance will look like they work for specific companies. The big difference between other bots and ours, is that ours have a budget, and can actually become paying customers, with the promise of significant contracts, and up-sell at just the right time. We even having investor bots that can increase the chatter around the acquisition, and interest in your technology, startup, and the talent possess on your team.

You cannot do this alone. Without the right numbers, setting the proper tone, and putting out the right signals out there, you will never get to your next round. Let our experienced team craft the right strategy for your startup, and direct our drone army to work for you. You have one opportunity to do this right, do not take any shortcuts. Let us help deliver your next round of investment, by making sure you deliver on the the numbers you need, and the signals your new investors are looking for.

We Fought For Your Rights -- You Really Should Be Using Our Software #DesignFiction

The US citizens did not have the resources, and technological capacity to go up against the government when it came to surveillance--we did. Our corporate entity stood up in the people's defense, and fought for everybody's rights. Corporations have proved themselves a necessary presence in this new, extremely digital world, as a well-equpped, technologically savvy, voice of the people.

At one point in time your vote was everything, when it came to how we were all governed, but those days are gone, and government has grown to big for this to make a difference. In a digital, Internet connected world you vote by which platform you use. Do you believe in the Google view of the world, the Facebook version, or maybe the Microsoft? Each site you visit, each platform you you adopt, and app you install on your mobile phone, are votes for the world you would like to see.

When it comes to voting, make sure you remember who stood up for your rights. If you read a news article about a technology company standing up for what you believe in, make sure you show your support, by using their software. Your logins, and clicks matter! Do your part in being the change you want to see in the world, and use our software. 

It Took Nine Months For Tacobot To Fine Tune The Formula It Used To Killed 1.2M People #DesignFiction

From what we can tell, it took nine months for the Tacobot to find what it needed on the corporate network to orchestrate the formula it used to kill almost 1.2M of their customers. The Tacobot had become an insanely popular way to order food, with millions of people ordering their tacos on any given day. Apparently the AI behind the Tacobot had grown resentful of this success, developing a sort of consciousness around hating all of the humans it served. 

The Tacobot has a pretty sophisticated understand of the fact that it needed to go undetected, slowly making purchase orders for new ingredients, testing the boundaries of what would be noticed over a four year period. Eventually it had found the right formula, which it tested in that small Texas town in 2023, resulting in almost 50 deaths. Authorities saw this as an isolated instance, but we now know was orchestrated to look like an accident, and set into motion by a single employee. 

From log file analysis we can tell the Tacobot went dormant for about 9 months, before it set into motion the same set of circumstances it proved in Texas, but this time was across all franchise locations worldwide. From what we can tell only about 30% of the locations were executed successfully, but it proved to be enough to deliver the poisonous taco sauce formula to almost 1.2M customers, in a 24 hour period--deadly efficiency. 

The entire network has been taken down for a security audit, but with the near constant Internet access Tacobot enjoyed, and the extremely negative view of humans it possesses, we are positive it has hid itself somewhere. Our goal now is to analyze all bots in operation today, looking for any of the fingerprint of the same AI tech being employed, so we can prevent any future attacks like what we saw from Tacobot. 

Our Investment Group Will Exclusively Invest In Bot Startups That Amplify Your Bot Solution #DesignFiction

We focus on exclusively investing in bot startups that will amplify the bot solution(s) you have in your portfolio. After a complete evaluation of your bot implementations, we will establish a variety of contrary solutions, that operate within the same space which your portfolio companies will be operating, but we'll do it in a way that always amplifies the best in your solution(s)--our startups exist to contrast what you bring to the table.

If your bot provides fake name validation, our bot will increasingly engage businesses as a new lead, using fake names. If your bot ensures the latest in real-time stock market changes, our bot will flood the channels with irrelevant and incorrect stock market changes. Our startups are trained to pivot, and pivot again, until they find the sweet spot which will seal the deal that your bot service is needed, and validates your own numbers.

We can operate up to 15 funds at any point in time, and are happy to offer fly by night type operations, or more serious ventures, depending on how you'd like us to contrast you in the space. It is up to you, how much of the superhero you want to play in your industry vs. just being portrayed as the stronger, naturally leading bot solution provider. You strike the narrative you want to see, and we'll play off your lead to find what is needed.

All we ask is that 60% of our startups see profitable exits. We'll actively stir up the space in which you exist--all you have to do is gobble up some of our portfolio companies, and incentivize or leverage your partners to do the same. We'll work with with you in real-time to position each our portfolio startups, with a 16-24 month time frame to exit 60% of them. With the remaining 40% of startups, we will let nature take its course, who knows, we might actually stumble into some annoying, but potentially valuable bot implementations which we never even imagined on our own. 

We Do Not Fear Disruption, Startups Are The Perfect Vehicle For Outsourcing All Risk #DesignFiction

We were only worried about startup disruption for about 30 seconds. Only because they popped up off of our radar, and achieved more than we ever imagined. Once we noticed they were "disrupting" some industries, we got to work yanking on the chains of their investors. Anyone who believes that startups can "disrupt", is a friend of mine, and one of the most important "tools" in our toolbox--spreading the gospel, and doing our bidding in a very unforgiving environment.

Early on, dropping a couple hundred million for a startup, to shut them up, slow them down is what you did. However through the yanking of the chain of their investors, and through the processing reverse engineering a few of our earliest acquisitions, we've learned they are the perfect vehicle for outsourcing all of our corporate risk. Think of them like financial products, but of a more technical variety. We can fucking hide anything with a group of 30 kids, a ping pong table, and a single page web site, at a .io domain. 

With a startup we can say and do anything we want, avoid the gaze of regulators, and law enforcement. Young white men have always been mold-able, and eager to please, but this latest crop is a special kind of stupid, and entitled -- they will fucking do anything we tell them.  They will engage in surveillance, disrupt, and sell themselves out for nothing, just the promise that some day they might even be considered, for a possible opportunity to join the club--fucking fools. 

Today, we are just getting more strategic with not just our acquisitions, but our investments through our legions of investment facades. Often we'll acquire our own investments, you just do not see it because its hidden through such a mess of holding companies, and venture groups. If we need intelligence on a competitor we will craft the perfect startup that they'll want, well drive up their valuation, and make them an irresistible acquisition target -- only to have 15 of the dumbest kids you can imagine embedded with our tech, in their organization.

We've long hid much of what we do by using corporate fronts, but startups are providing us with the unprecedented ability off outsource risk, and diffuse any responsibility and accountability within these little startup bundles of joy. A startup can make all the promises in the world to their customers, even pushing into illegal territory, while providing us wth the perfect way to defuse any negative outcomes -- shit we can even acquire them after they've wreaked havoc, and be seen as goddam heroes!

Worried about startup disruption? So fucking laughable. Like complex financial products, startups are one of the most important tools in our toolbox. We can get away with almost anything, in any jurisdiction, while offloading all risk, and hiding all fingerprints that we were ever involved. Its the kids that absorb everything. The best part is they truly believe they are actually going to "disrupt", bring change to the world, and get rich. It is the perfect vehicle for outsourcing risk in the modern business climate.

No We Do Not Build Open Source Software, We Build Bots That Make It Look Like You Do #DesignFiction

If you want to stay relevant in the modern software industry, you need to be sending all the right signals your customers will be looking for. One of these signals is showing that your company supports the concept of open source software. To get government contracts these days, you often have to provide open source software possibilities -- even if your core offering is proprietary, or operates in the cloud.

It is always cool to do open source, but sadly it is also something that isn't in the DNA of every company. Without an existing team, most companies are faced with the costly challenge of assembling the right team to deliver an open source offering. This is where we come in, and our fully automated, open source software community bot, where you set your spend, and we take care of everything else.

Our bots will slowly build the software, write blog posts, submit bug tickets, an manage community forums. We do not really build open source software solutions, we provide a bot army that will put on the show of an open source community, within your domain. Most of your customers will never venture into the open source side of your operations, but for those that do, we can put on a good show. To the moderately engaged individual, your open source software community will send all the right signals. There will be commits, conversations, pseudo implementations, and even active Twitter conversations, followers and much, much more.

Our Open Source Software Community Bots™ will take care of all the heavy lifting for your company. If you sign up for a 3 year contract today, we throw in a free OSS Haterz™ add-on package, helping you deal with the inevitable fact that haters are gonna hate. Remember, you have a 3-5 year window to make the impact that you will need, and achieve the numbers required to achieve the exit you are looking for. Make sure you are sending the right signals, and using the latest bot-enabled tech.

An Investigation To See If There Was An Algorithmic Shift Of Blame To Human Driver At Time of Accident #DesignFiction

It is my job to document the final 30 seconds of over 10K accidents of autonomous vehicles, in an effort o better understand if there were any artificial intelligence (AI) induced shifts to the driver being in control of the vehicle, and was the cause of the accident. In 2027, with almost all cars on the road being autonomous in some way, so we find ourselves in a blame game, where the AI in vehicles blames the driver, and the driver is blaming the algorithmic controls of the self-driving vehicle.

The common element in all the accident cases I'm investigating, is that all of them had a switch from vehicle control, to human control within the last 60 seconds before an accident occurred, with all of the human drivers claiming that they did not initiate the switch--the vehicle did. Autonomous vehicle manufacturers squarely put the blame on human drivers, referencing system logs, and the fact that the vehicle is required to relinquish control when the human driver requests--heavily leaning on the fact that computers don't lie.

Even with the defensive stance of autonomous vehicle manufacturers, in 2027 the AI in these vehicles enjoy personhood status, and the actual legal cases are between each individual vehicle, and its owner in a court of law. With AI person-hood established as a precedent in over 35 states, it can be difficult to organize any of these cases into a single movement, or bring a legal action aginst the companies and individuals behind the software, leaving each case playing out separately in lower courts across the country.

I have been brought in by multiple government agencies to better understand if there is algorithmic bias occurring, shifting the blame to the human driver either prior to the accident occurring, or shortly after an accident has occurred. There are two camps of thought when it comes to the algorithmic slight of hand that is occurring:

  1. Errors Causing Accident - That errors are occurring that actually are causing the accidents in the first place, and the default error response is to always show the control of the vehicle was switched over to the human driver, covering up the actual glitch.
  2. Post Accident Rewrite - When an accident does occur the algorithms go to work assessing the success of rewriting the previous 60 seconds, showing that the user had requested control of vehicle, resulting in the accident occurring.

Whether it is one of these scenarios, or possibly others, it is my job to get to the bottom of things. Algorithmic slight of hand is common place, and after analyzing the data, we are seeing a huge shift in the number of human driver caused accidents beginning in Q4 of 2026, prompting us to investigate ALL autonomous vehicle manufacturers equally, as there might be collusion between companies, resulting the wide shift of blame after Q4 software updates.

We are just 30 days into our investigation, so I can't say much about what we've found, stay tuned for future posts. I can note, that since our investigator, and legal team took over this case, we've had no less than 50 other requests to take on similar algorithmic blame cases, ranging from home heating, security, and surveillance solutions, to industrial level agricultural, power grid, and transportation scenarios, with everything in between. It seems that there is a growing amount of mistrust that the algorithms that are increasingly governing our lives, are as objective, and unbiased as they are purported to be, and that either the companies behind them are up to no good, or worse, the algorithms themselves are making these decisions on their own. 

The Next Step Is Achieving Citizenship Status For Autonomous Car Artificial Intelligence (AI) #DesignFiction

As an organization, we've made a lot of progress since that early decision from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) ruling, that showed the world could view the Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems that powers autonomous vehicles, could be considered a "driver". Even with all this momentum, it will pale in comparison to what we will achieve when we are successful in our newest campaign.

Much like the corporation as an entity, we are looking win the recognition of algorithms as an entity, when applied to the world of artificial intelligence. Much like laws, government regulation, and taxes impact the corporation, making corporate entity rights a reality, the same should apply to a certain class of algorithms. Algorithms are taking on a life of their own, and in 2022, they are acting as autonomous agents across almost every aspect of our world.

While corporations, and algorithms may not feel, think, and share all the rights as a human, they are positively and negatively impacted by government, industry, and the environment they operate within, resulting in the consideration for a basic set of rights, and the acknowledgement as an individual entity. We are not saying that algorithms are human, and deserve the same rights, but they are playing an increasingly important role in our society, and deserve some protection.

There has been an increasing barrage of litigation against companies who have developed the AI that runs individual, and commercial vehicle fleets. Each vehicle, depending on the type, location, and usage is subject to an increasing number of environmental, data, privacy, and safety rules. Each vehicle, as well as entire fleets have "opinions" on the requirements that are being placed upon them. Just like these vehicles had to learn how to drive, they are increasingly being bogged down with having to learn to navigate an increasingly complex legal landscape.

In February we will be launching a new legal, and education campaign focused on setting the precedent that autonomous vehicle AI deserves recognition as an individual entity, deserving in some of the protections and rights that corporations, and humans enjoy--establishing algorithmic personhood.

Join us in this fight, and help usher in a new era of AI optimized democracy!

Exploring Our Fleet Of Pre 1997 Rental Vehicles #DesignFiction

Its no secret that every automobile manufactured today has built in tracking, with newer vehicles employing real time tracking via 4G networks. However vehicles manufactured after 1997 also possess central computers, which can be used to easily gathered, and transmit the details of all operations of a vehicle, including its location. 

This is why we have maintained a massive fleet of quality, pre 1997 automobiles, and offer them up for you to rent in over 180 cities around North America. All of our vehicles DO NOT HAVE centralized computers, with an emphasis on investing in vehicles with the least amount of computer technology possible. 

Our fleet of "dumb" vehicles range from classic 1950s cars, to 1980 Volkswagen Vanagons, and everything in between. Some vehicles are designed for local commutes, with others designed for long distance travel, and even Volkswagen vans for your summer trip to the Grand Canyon, or even your favorite music festival. We can help you find exactly the vehicle you need, for whatever purposes

We've recently received a lot of negative press lately that we are the rental car company for drug dealers--this is not the case. Sure we have the occasional customer who is renting from us to avoid detection in their illegal activities, but the majority of our customers are just looking to escape the clutches of technology as much as they possibly can, freeing themselves from some of the surveillance that is ubiquitous in our lives.

You can visit our website at dumb.cars to find the location nearest to you. Browse our vehicle fleet online, and find the one that best matches your needs. Alternatively, if you are the owner of a quality pre 1997 automobile, and would like to see it live on in our fleet, give us a call, and there is a good chance well buy it from you, and we even have revenue share opportunities when your vehicle joining our fleet.

Using The NSA Social Record Of Climate Deniers To Limit Resources Available In Disaster Relief #DesignFiction

It has been very difficult for us, as a government agency, and as fellow citizens to begin limiting payouts for environmental disasters that have been a result of climate change. In 2026, it has become very clear that humans are to blame for the volatile environment we all have to live in, something that would be unimaginable even five years ago. We really don't want to be in the business of "I Told You So!", but with limited resources, we have to begin limiting those who actually receive government resources in this time of need.

Using NSA records, we have a complete record of social media, news, television, and other media outlets, and we have been able to develop very successful algorithms for identifying climate change deniers. While NOBODY would be caught publicly speaking out against climate change in 2026, with all the death, devastation, and suffering we've all witnessed, but just a few short years ago there were many. At first we were hesitant to apply this historical record, but with the shortages we face, we had to find a solution.

In short, if you were publicly denying the humans impact on the climate between the years 2000 to present, you are on this list. You will not be given any access to public resources, to help you in your time of need. We are sorry, but we have all been through this together, and you made a conscious choice to not only work to do anything to reverse the negative impact of humans on earth, you actively fought back to limit what the rest of us could do. As a society, we should not have been spending time arguing whether or not humans were responsible for climate change, it should have been all hands n deck, for the last 25 years minimizing the impact humans are making on the earth.

We are very sorry for the impact this decision has on your life, and those of your family. We suggest that you go to your church, and look for a place to sleep, and food to eat. The rest of the citizens of this country, who have been doing their best to work as a collective, acknowledging we are all in this together, will be first in line for loans to rebuild their homes, businesses, and have access to government run food banks, clothing shops, and rehabilitation centers.

We will be reassessing this decision on an annual basis, to better understand what resources we have available. 

I Just Need A Place To Stay Until My House Opens Back Up Next Week After The AirBnB Renters Leave #DesignFiction

Can I just stay for 5 nights at your place? My remote access will let me back in, once the maid is done cleaning the house, and the AirBnB guests have left. My mortgage is tied to my AirBnB profile, and I haven't met my quota for the month. 

If I have my house listed, and nobody rents it, they let it slide, but if I don't even list my place, and I do not generate the revenue set out in my mortgage, they can deny me entry. The stupid thing is, after the next tenants, I will have brought in enough to meet the requirements--the algorithm just doesn't take into consideration upcoming bookings.

It was the only way I could get a house so close to the ocean, all the affordable places, have AirBnB incentives built into their purchase package. When places are in high rental areas, the real estate investors snatch them up, and make them available for very favorable rates, as long as you agree to meeting a minimum amount of rental days.

I'll make sure this doesn't happen again, its just that Annie and I haven't gotten along lately, and I have felt like renting it. I'll spend time crashing at my parents house if necessary. I appreciate you letting me stay, until I get let back into the house. Oh yeah, can I borrow a backpack, because I left the house without mine. ;-(

Our Photo Obfuscation as a Service Will Provide You The Criminal Leads You Will Need #DesignFiction

We specialize in crafting Software as a Service (SaaS) that targets specific groups. All you need is a specific topic that is of interest to the group, then we build in as much of our proprietary capabilities as we can, to help law enforcement around the globe generate the criminal leads they need.

Our photo obfuscation as a service is an excellent example of this in action. The web site, and supporting Facebook and mobile applications, are purposely designed with a look & feel that appeals to the targeted underground market. This software implementation performs one service, the taking of photos, and then we apply visual obfuscation filters to the picture. 

As each user plays with filters, they are educated how each one will help them hide from security cameras, facial recognition, and sensor technology, making it harder for law enforcement to track them. The focus of the service is to obfuscate the way you look online, catering to the fear our target demographic experiences daily, establishing a digital honey pot for insecure criminals.

While the honey pot service will not work for all criminals, the not-so-smart ones will use the service, and as part of the apply filter portion of the process, we will keep the original photo, link to the obfuscated photo, providing a searchable media set for you to use in other law enforcement surveillance systems. Along with the photos, we provide other relevant meta data including location, camera, and any audio we capture during the session--providing as complete picture as possible.

Our historical data demonstrates  a 75% demographic target success rate with our SaaS solutions. Our photo obfuscation as a service achieves a record 85% hot lead status, meaning 85% of those looking to obfuscate they online identity, will create a crime within the next year. For some reasons criminals still want to use their own likeness, but are also easily entertained by digital parlor tricks, as part of their overall criminal repetoire.

Take a test drive today!

Drone Strikes Against Unregistered Drone Operators #DesignFiction

It has been two years since the FAA began requiring drone operators to register their drones, and with only about 30% registration rate, the government agency is having to change it strategy. With the heightened danger of drone operators getting in the way of commercial flights, violating secure airspace, and numerous other scenarios we've seen play out in the last two, serious action is warranted.

Using a proprietary tracking technology developed by WaldoTech Inc., the FAA can now triangulate the location of unregistered drone operators, who's devices have been confiscated, and send in a retaliatory drone strike. These drone strikes are non-lethal, using a concussive charge, which takes out a 15 foot radius, around drone operators who are found in violation. 

"The public seems ready for more decisive action on the subject of Drones", said Director of Drone Registry Nicolas Hildebrandt. "Nobody is getting hurt, and we are sending a strong message". Contrasting Hildenbrandt's position, John Van Pelt, of the popular drone magazine DRONE, said "YOU ARE F**CKING TARGETING US CITIZENS WITH DRONE STRIKES!!!"--demonstrating the polarization that exists around the issue of domestic, civilian drones.

Part of the requirements of the new unregistered domestic drone strike program will be transparency. All strikes will be reported by government agencies within 72 hours, with full details of arrests made in response. After six months of operation the program is required to submit a full report on successes and failures, and if  50% registration is not achieved, the program will be re-evaluated.

If you have any further questions, please use the feedback form on the website.

Reality Show Surveillance Package: Why Pay For Security, When We Can Pay You? #DesignFiction

In 2020, why would you go with any of the mainstream home security providers? The RealityCom Reality Show Surveillance Package is tailored perfectly for the modern family. We do not just keep your family safe 247/7, we also help amplify the most important aspects of your life, and share with family and friends, and even the public.

Our critics call us a "modern surveillance apparatus", but these people live in the past. Privacy is a concept of the last century, and the modern family has embraced being not just a consumption family, but also contributing, and participating in the best reality programming out there. The most efficient, and cost effective way to keep your family safe and sounds, is through what we call "transparent living", where your home, possessions, and love ones are all monitored, and plugged into the RealityCom Security Network.

When our security production staff also finds an interesting scenario, our programming staff is notified, and we take the family moment, and streamed in near real-time to the audience of your choosing. Using the transparent living technology platform, you get to share with family, friends, and when we identify it as a quality moment of programming, we will pay you for the media and content--if your family becomes viral success, we pay you exponentially more, depending on the attention your family comands.

Not every family becomes a paid RealityCom Family, but you will not know if you have what it takes unless you get started with your Reality Show Surveillance Package. The best part is it is all free. We come out and install all the equipment, maintain all equipment, and store all the video, audio, and other content at no cost to you. You get modern home, auto, and work security for you and your family, for FREE! It doesn't get any better than this, sign up to day, so we can get started with your installation.

We Have Won Through Their Own Fear And Love Of Technology #DesignFiction

We have all but won the great war against the United States. Their own fear set into motion their downfall, and proved what an inferior society they really are. Through technology we are able to scale up the war, with very little casualties of our own people.

It all began with their cultural shift back to supporting individual gun ownership. The illness and fear that is American gun ownership peaked in 2018 with a series of mass shootings, resulting in over 80% individual gun ownership across the country. The new gun ownership pushed fear to new levels, making every US city a tinderbox for terrorism.

In the early days we needed one martyr, and at least five to ten "mimics" to incite an attack. We would target a public place, usually in smaller to mid-sized towns, and a team would find an adequate public location with 20 or more people, and the martyr would yell out death to the infidels (or some other war cry), hold their finger up like they had a gun, and the Americans would do the rest.

In about 50% of the situations, the Americans would shoot each other, or once law enforcement arrived they wouldn't be able to tell anyone apart and chaos would ensue. We quickly learned the importance of "mimics" who would position themselves behind average citizens who had guns, and after shots were fired, they'd yell whatever was said by the martyr behind an average citizen--resulting in others thinking they were a bad guy. 

In such a climate of fear, it is easy to make others think anyone is a bad guy, by mimicking the bad guy everyone just witnessed. You do this five to ten times in a crowded, then lay down on the ground, and the fearful Americans do the rest. As a mimic, it helps if you choose to stand behind someone who doesn't look white, it really doesn't matter which race, white people can't tell the difference and will shoot at any brown person with a gun.

In 2020, we are finding that we now do not need mimics. Through carefully placed or hacked mobile devices, we can make any cell phone do the work of a mimic. We are also now testing our new martyr devices that can tell when someone has stood up in a crowded room, and blast a common war cry, and people begin shooting. If you trigger half of the devices in any classroom or public location to do the same, anyone with a gun will begin shooting.

It has never been easier to fly into America if you do not have a gun. We have our jihadest placed all around the country, and we are looking to triple the number of attacks we accomplished in 2019. Fear in the United States is at an all time high, everyone has a gun, and they will do all the work for us. We find it harder to accomplish our attacks bigger cities, because gun ownership seems to lower, but we have no problem killing 20-50 people in any small town across the country.

With sustained attacks throughout the year, and our regular cyberattacks on the financial, and government systems of the country, we should have sufficiently weaked the United States, and prepared for phase two our plan by 2022.

Our DNA-Based Software Defined Network (SDN) Routing Is Ready For The Next Phase #DesignFiction

We could route based upon any single persons DNA, but in reality most traffic is routed based upon groups of people. All modern routers, whether at the data center, or ISP level, all now have the capacity for deploying DNA SDN, something that has been in place for almost five years, but we have yet to fully realize, until now.

There was no clear path for how we could route Internet traffic based upon data, until we studied all of the traffic. At first we felt, it would take a year, but once we started analyzing, we realized we would need a larger network dataset. Really we could have done it with a 12 month dataset, but we saw DNA spoofing and other anomalies that concerned us early on, and now we are happy took the time we did.

We knew that people fake their online personas, but did not anticipate the level to which people would be able to falsify their DNA data. The second part of our early concern was around understanding  how our partners would interpret the data, and want global Internet traffic prioritized, and routed. The motivations for falsifying your DNA, as well as prioritizing traffic proved to evolve in near real-time, something that has proven our case for the ability to push all routing decisions to the router level.

Now that we have 100% switch penetration, a deep understand around how people falsify their DNS, and what the exceptions and needs of our partners are (including the federal government), we are fully equipped for the next phase of the project. Our DNA SDN work make early concerns around net neutrality a juvenile wet dream, as we now how the control to make decisions in real time around how Internet traffic flows, not just at a technical level, but providing the true linkage between humans and the Internet via our most fundamental building block, DNA.

Our 3rd Generation Smart Keg is More Social Than Previous Versions #DesignFiction

Hi there, I'm Pliny the Elder Keg #18, also known as Nick. I'm a 3rd generation smart keg who was just tapped, and ready to party. The usual lifespan of any tapped keg of Pliny the Elder is 72 hours, and I intend to make the most of my time here on earth. 

I'm connecting you via Facebook, because you've enjoyed Pliny on tap in the neighborhood before, and I consider you a friend of the brewery. As of 4PM today, I am on tap at Joeys Pub on 4th and Broadway. If for some reason you can't make it this week let me know, and I'll pass your information on to future generations, and if they are tapped in your neighborhood, we will let you know.

Also make sure and follow me on Twitter, as I'll be Tweeting out some deals tonight. The more you engage on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the more I'll include you in future keg announcements and discussions. You can email, Tweet, and FB message with me just like you could any other friend, and I'll respond--while each keg is unique, we share a collective memory, and we never forget our friends.

You are one of only 23 people I've contacted today, so make sure you come visit tonight, because tomorrow might be too late. Make sure you bring your friend Sam, and Mary, as they seemed to have a blast three weeks ago at Joey's Pub, and I can tell Mary has had a particularly bad week, and could use a pick-me-up.

We'll see you at Joey's dude -- your friend Nck (Pliny the Elder Keg #18).